Creative Arts Ministries

Spring Valley Church’s Creative Arts Ministries consist of multiple facets of worship ministry.  If you have a God-given talent that you would like to use for His glory, please contact Spring Valley Church for further information.


Our choir is comprised of individuals from all different ethnic and social backgrounds, unified in one voice for worship unto the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is a dynamic group of individuals who are dedicated to bringing God glory through song.  We are always seeking new members who are called to use their musical talents for the Lord.

Praise Team

Our praise team is a group of dedicated individuals who have been called to worship ministry, and love to praise the Lord.  We are a very diversified group of individuals who are unified into one family and body in Jesus Christ.   Our music styles include contemporary, gospel, Latin, jazz, and funk, as well as original worship.


Our band members worship the Lord on their instruments.  Whether serving with the praise team or choir, or on their own, they bring glory to God through music with guitars, keyboards, horns, drums, percussion, and various other instruments.  We are always seeking new members who will use their talents for God’s glory.


Our dance ministry worships God through interpretive dance unto the Lord.  We have both youth and adults who participate in blessing God through dance.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts ministry is worship unto God through various physical expressions, such as drama and flagging.  The Dance ministry falls under this category as well.


Media is a ministry which brings glory to God through the implementation and use of audio and visual technology.  Our media team members are an integral part of worship services and other events.

Core Worship
Bala P.
Keith B.
One Bethlehem Night
Two From Galilee
Praise Team